Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Festivities

I'll catch up everyone on what happened on Easter.  My mother had the brilliant idea to rent an Easter bunny costume for the kids since most of them still believe in those types of mythical creatures.  Well the first time we brought out the bunny (really my sister-in-law's brother),  the kids watched him hop around the front yard and place eggs in the grass.  They were eating it up and went crazy when we let them out to actually meet the bunny.  They loved every second of it
Kaiden looking all cute with his bunny face on

Well, we played lots of games afterward that increased the fun level and made for an enjoyable afternoon.  The kids had egg races where they have to place the egg on the ground and push it with their nose to the finish line.  It's harder than it sounds... They had egg tosses and bobbing for apples and my sister-in-law even painted their faces.  They were having a lot of fun.
Krysalyn was cheating in the egg race. =P
Austin bobbing for apples.
Krysalyn planning her attack
She was smart and went for the stems... This little girl beat all the bigger kids.

Anthony wanted a devil painted on his face but there was no way that would happen on Easter... so he got batman instead. =P

Later in the afternoon, my wonderful brother thought it would be fun to bring out the costume again... He wore it and this time, the little ones decided they didn't like the Easter Bunny anymore.  Especially when he decided to chase them around the yard.  I'll post lots of pictures. =P  It was great for a laugh and for some really memorable pictures.
The Easter Bunny tried approaching Kaiden... So Kaiden screamed and tried hiding.

Failed attempt at picking up the Easter Bunny

Take two...


My poor niece was then on terrified of the Easter Bunny and clung to her mom for the next hour for the fear that the mean bunny would come back because "he knows where we live". lol.  So we ended up spoiling the surprise and showing everyone that it was just a costume. =P  She still isn't fond of the costume though... I think she thinks it's evil.

We even got to play along with it a little.  I'll post some pictures of us passing around the Easter Bunny head and me wearing it.  I swear, the one of me holding the knife was my brother's idea and I was cutting eggs at the time for deviled eggs. =P
Haha.  Hope you had a good laugh!  And I hope that last picture didn't create any nightmares.

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