Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New good habits

So I finally did it... after a couple of days of trying, I was finally able to jog 20 minutes without stopping.  This is a HUGE deal to me.  I know people look at 20 minutes and say "pfft, I can do an hour" or whatever... Well I would like to give you the finger if you say that... lol. No, I'm just kidding... but really, this is big for me.  I have NEVER been a runner... ask anyone.  When I used to have to run in high school for PE, the girls I would run with would call me the biggest complainer.  Every day I would complain about a new ache and pain, but really they were just excuses to get out of running.  Back then, and even somewhat recently, running a half a mile without stopping was me having a great day.  Now... not so much.  lol 

It's weird how after you start doing something that you used to hate, how much you actually start to enjoy it.  I'm supposed to be running 3 times a week, but I feel lazy if I don't run at least 4 times a week.  I hate not running on days but I have to force myself to stay home so that my body can rest up.  Just yesterday, I went for a run in the morning with my dog (another funny story to be told) and by mid-afternoon I was wanting to go again.  I'm starting to think that this is going to become a problem... lol.  Obsession is not good.  But seriously, I would encourage everyone to pick up a good habit like this and no matter what, stick to a plan for 4-5 weeks (this is my 6th week) and see how much it changes your perspective on that habit.  I would almost be willing to bet that you adopt a new hobby or joy or something.

Okay, so like I said... funny story about yesterday's run.  I have attempted to take my dog on jogs with me before.  She's a St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix, so average size and has some strength to her.  Every other time I had taken her, she would tug and pull me along like I was holding her back.  So I figure.. why not, I'll give her another shot and maybe she'll encourage me to keep going and pass the personal best I made for myself the other day.  We did our warm-up walk and then started running with only minimal pulling.  Then at about the 7 minute mark for jogging she starts to fall behind a bit and her tongue starts hanging out.  At the 10 minute mark, I'm practically dragging her along and had to encourage HER to keep going until at least the 12 minute mark.  lol.  So we finally stop jogging and start walking... she was happy to finally get a rest and to be able to sniff her surroundings again... until we started running again.  I can tell you this... it did wonders for my self-esteem to wear out my dog before I got tired.  I know it sounds horrible and I know I was getting funny looks because I was practically having to drag her, but I honestly had no idea she wouldn't make it. =P

I'll post a picture so you can see how adorable she is yourself.

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