Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweetest Niece Ever...

So my niece is turning 4 this weekend.  Only problem is I'm going to be in Georgia and will miss her party.  So we took a couple of hours and had a little date today.  I can honestly say that I had so much fun with her just hanging out.  It was so easy to spend time with her and I really enjoyed those precious hours with her.  We occupied our time by first seeing the movie Hop, followed by ice cream, a trip to the book store (where she found a book on Clifford, Dora the Explorer, and a Mother Goose book that she insisted we buy for her brother... so thoughtful =P), and ended our day by hanging out at the fountain in front of the theater.

She just got done throwing a penny in the fountain and was excited by where it landed. =)

There was one thing that happened that just pulled at my heart strings.  Earlier in the day I was telling her that I was going to see her Uncle Matthew this weekend and she responded by saying that her mom and dad think I'm not coming back.  (Every time I go to Georgia for the weekend my brother tells his children that I'm leaving and never returning to make me feel like a jerk.  The first time it happened, my niece ended up in tears because he told her that after I had already left and she was upset that I didn't say good-bye.)  Anyway, I figured that I would have to have a talk with her about me moving so it didn't come as a surprise to her.

Her looking adorable as she's mesmerized by the fountain.

We were sitting by the fountain and I called her over and said I needed to talk to her about something sad and serious.  She sat on my lap and I proceeded to tell her that at the beginning of summer, I would be moving.  She didn't seem to be getting the point of it, so I added to it that I would be moving really far away and I wouldn't be able to see her very much.  Well about half way through my sentence I totally lost it and started crying (I know I sound like a blubbering mess).  When she realized I was crying, she grabbed my face and said, "It's okay, you can come back" and then proceeded to wipe away my tears.  Let me remind you... this is a four year old doing this... My heart completely broke in that instant.

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