Monday, May 2, 2011

Banging my head against a wall

I have to keep telling myself that I'm almost done... I feel so incredibly overwhelmed all the time because there is just sooooo much that I have to do for school in addition to getting everything prepped for the big move.  Although I have been so incredibly grateful for this trip to see my husband and spend a much needed weekend with him, I feel that it added a bit more stress to my life because I am slipping even further behind in classes that I have been fighting to keep my head above water in.  It's crazy because when we're hanging out and spending time together, I do not think once about my to-do list waiting for me but the second we start getting ready to drop him off at the barracks, my mind returns to that endless stack of notes and three textbooks that I brought on my VACATION. 
All the lovely textbooks I'm having to read for this quarter... Three of which followed me to Georgia.

All this anxiety that I'm experiencing does not help my procrastination or day dreaming either.  I'll continuously find things that sound a whole heck of a lot better than doing homework, like writing a letter to my husband or catching up on the Desperate Housewives episode that I missed last night (both of which I did promptly after dropping Matthew off).  Once I finally sit down and do my homework, I'll blaze through the first part of it like no other for about an hour or until my brain turns to mush.  Then it's day-dreaming time and procrastination again.  It's really difficult to get myself to do something that I know makes me miserable...  Ugggghhh... 6 more weeks of this...

I know... 6 more weeks isn't that much longer, it's a bittersweet timeline.  Yay, no more school in 6 more weeks... but also, oh CRAP! I have 4 term papers, a presentation, several tests, and smaller papers to complete before then... 6 weeks just doesn't seem like enough time when it's put in that perspective.  lol.

I'm honestly trying to stay ahead of the game, but considering the monumental stack of homework that I have, it seems nearly impossible to do so.  For good news though... We put a deposit down on an apartment today!  Hopefully we'll get approved and we'll finally have a place to call our own after a VERY long time of waiting.  =)))  It seems almost crazy to consider the fact that in 6 weeks I'll be on my way to my husband's arms for good (well at least until we face that depressing "D" word). =(

The floor plan of the place we're trying to get.  Not bad for our first REAL apartment! =D

I think that's enough complaining for one night, I'm off to attempt to end my procrastination.  Wish me luck!

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