Thursday, May 26, 2011

Confessions of a Military Wife, a good read

I finished this book a little less than a week ago, but I haven't really had a chance to post anything about it.  Now that I have a chance though, I feel that it is my duty to tell you to read this book.  It is a really easy read, only about 250 pages, and has a lot of good information, tips, and advice in it.  The book is about a Marine Corps wife and her experiences while living on base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.  And although my husband is Army, not Marines, there were so many stories that were still relate-able and would hold true no matter what branch.

The hardest part of the book for me to get through was the deployment and homecoming chapters, only because I haven't been through either of those situations yet and I am terrified to face them.  Nonetheless, I am glad that I have the advice of other wives through books, shows, blogs, etc., to allow me to learn from their mistakes and not fall trap to common pitfalls. 
Now Mollie Gross does not spare any detail in the hardships and uplifting moments of being a military spouse and includes stories ranging from pride of her soldier, drama on post, being a "dildo" fairy, and the hardships of adjusting with a husband that comes home from war.  I went from laughing so hard I snort in some stories to getting a little teary eyed in the others, the book provides a great opportunity for all women to learn something new about the military or give a little insight to living on post.

One of my favorite excerpts that made me laugh incredibly hard was about her grandmother, who was a military wife for 30 years or so.  I won't write the whole thing because I don't want to give it all away, but here is part of it:

"Anyway, during our visit, we noticed she was mixing up words.  She started referring to Muslims as Mormons.  After 9/11, she told Jon [Mollie's husband] and me how it was important for America to stop the radical Mormons because they had perpetrated the attacks on the Twin Towers.

There was no way we could convince her of the difference.  We'd just smile and nod. 'That's right, Grandma, all the Mormons got together on September 11th and ran their bicycles into the Twin Towers!'

then she started using 'Dildo' instead of 'Dickey,' the word for the mock turtleneck worn under a sweater.  We weren't quite sure where she heard that 'new' word, but we assumed it came from one of the 'stories' (soap operas) she watched every day.

It seemed harmless enough until she misplaced her 'Dildo' and started calling her neighbors to ask if she could borrow one of theirs!"

Now I know that story doesn't really have anything to do with the military, but I personally thought it was hilarious.  There were several other stories like this, most others relating to military life that were just as funny.  Do yourself a favor and buy this book.  I'll provide a link to Amazon to make it a little easier for you, it's only $15, and well worth the money!  Confessions of a Military Wife buy here!

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