Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finishing things up

So for the past couple of days I have been debating on what I should write about next, I had a couple of topics in mind, but I figured my gloomy mood for today would be perfect for the topic of school.  The countdown is officially at 18 days until graduation, almost 17 since I'll be hitting the hay a little early tonight.  With that countdown is pure and utter excitement, I'm soooooo ready to be done with school.  I even think that's an understatement.  There is nothing more that I want right now than to finish school and hit the road to see my hubby.

Last week I did so well with studying and staying on top of everything, I finished two term papers in one week and was on top of all my reading for my classes.  Now... not so much.  I honestly can't get myself to start working on my assignments.  I have 2 papers left, one a research paper, the other is similar to a reflection paper, and 3 finals... but yet, my motivation has completely gone down the drain.  I look of my stack of homework or the list of things I need to do and I just want to cry.  Although the list has dwindle significantly I feel like it's never going to end, or that it's going to end before I finish it all.  I will say this, the next time I go back to school to get my credentials or if I decide to get my masters later on, there is no way in hell I am doubling up on units like I did for the past year. 

I've been feeling so down lately and I'm sick of it.  I'm ready to start being happy again, and quit stressing about everything.  There have been a couple of events that have really made me laugh and have brightened my day, but I feel so overwhelmed no matter the attempts to make everything go right. 

One of the events included a paper that I had returned to me for my human biology class (the class mostly focuses on human impacts on the environment and the positive/negative results that occur because of those impacts).  I had been stressing a little about the paper because my professor is my adviser for the honors program that I'm in, so I was worried about how tough he was going to grade it.  So anyway, I was having a bit of a crappy day when I got the paper back and needless to say, it made me chuckle.  My paper was about renewable energy sources and I'll explain a little more for each of the pictures.

Needless to say, I had no reason to worry because I ended up getting an A on the paper, but the funny part was what he said about my "world is going to end" statement... =P

Lol.  I have never heard of a professor writing "f&*% these people" on a paper... never, ever.  But it was just what I needed to brighten my day.  For a little back story, at this point in my paper I was discussing the difficulties in incorporating renewable energy into everyday lives and such.  I was saying how even if effective, affordable transportation was made available (i.e. high speed rails), it would be difficult to get people to change their lifestyles and give up automotive transportation.

So yeah, those little things really helped my day, I smiled a little brighter that day.  And this morning started off pretty decent too.  I got to talk to my hubby for a little which was great, as always.  A couple hours later when he called back to say good night (he's on the night schedule so he goes to sleep at 3), he told me a really funny story about what happened to him today.  I won't share it here because I'm not so sure he would appreciate it.  I will say that he admitted that it was the single-handed most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him (and he has been pants in front of tons of people in high school). Lol.  I hate to laugh at him, but I couldn't help it.  His story had me laughing long after we got off the phone.

But my day just couldn't stay good.  I've been having like little mini-anxiety attacks when I think about all the stuff I have to do and today I managed to have a mental breakdown.  On top of that, I went and got a used kitchen table today.  Since we had extra expenses of having to take my dog to the vet because she had kennel cough and having to purchase some new tires for the car, we've been trying to skimp and save on some of the furniture we're going to need for the apartment.  I bought a dinette table and chairs for $50 from a lady and it looked half-way decent when I got it.  I got it home and took a better look at it and found 2 HUGE cracks going up the base of the table.  I'm crossing my fingers and praying that it'll last us for the next couple of months until we can purchase a new one.

To top it off I've been feeling nauseous and sick for the past couple of hours.  So too much homework, a crappy table that I wasted money on, and being sick totals up to a complete bitch-fit for me.  I'm sorry about my rant, but I'm ready to crack, just like my "new" table.

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