Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Every year, the Friday before Mother's Day is designated Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  President Obama stated beautifully what military spouses mean to the country:

"When Americans answer the call to serve in our Armed Forces, a sacred trust is forged.  Our men and women in uniform take on the duty of protecting us all, and their spouses and families also help shoulder this important responsibility.  As we mark Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to supporting and honoring the husbands, wives, and loved ones of our Nation's servicemembers.

  At the heart of our Armed Forces, servicemembers' spouses keep our military families on track.  They balance family life, military life, and their careers    all while supporting other military families and giving back to their communities.  Many have served in uniform themselves and, understanding the obligations involved, can provide unparalleled support.  They are pillars of strength in their families, often celebrating their children's life milestones while the other parent is away.
 Military spouses also care for our wounded warriors and honor the memory of our Nation's fallen heroes, including their own loved ones.  They impact countless lives on military bases and in schools, places of worship, and neighborhoods across our Nation.  Their contributions help protect our freedom by strengthening our communities and our servicemembers."

I am very proud to be a military spouse and I am proud of the other spouses that I know.  People really do not understand the stress and hardships that military spouses endure until they become part of the extended family.  Family, that's exactly what we are... Through all the crap (for lack of a better word) that we go through, the other spouses are the ones to turn to for support.  They know exactly what you are going through and know exactly how to react in any given situation.  No matter how close you are to your family or friends, unless they are in the same boat as you, they will never know exactly what you're going through.

In the short time that I have been in the Army family, I have met some incredible women that continuously make me strive to be a better woman.  These women know how to juggle everything between their marriage, kids, a career, and even volunteer work.  I can only hope that someday I will be able to be the wife that other army wives look up to.  So here's a big HOOAH for all the army wives out there!!

Oh and while I'm on the topic of the difficulties that face military spouses, I thought I would share this decal that I stumbled upon this morning. =) Enjoy!

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