Friday, May 6, 2011

Shopping... My New Found Weakness

I am not a very materialistic person, not at all.  I don't own very many clothes (compared to most women I know), I'm not big on owning a million pairs of shoes, and I could care less if I'm carrying the newest designer bag, or if I have 20 lbs of make-up stored away.  But lately, it order to cope with the stress of everything that has been piling up on me, I have been buying things for our new home and it is soooo much fun!

I don't think I mentioned earlier, but we got the apartment we applied for.  Yay!  I'll post a picture. =)

In all fairness, I do have a different weakness than buying household goods.  I have an extreme weakness for books and picture frames.  At any given time I have about 4 books that are waiting to be read and when I get a chance to bust them out, I'll read all 4 within a month or less.  Then it's off to the bookstore to buy more, so many good books in the world, so little time.  Here is a picture from my latest book shopping trip that I took today.  It's a good thing that the store was going out of business and I saved 60-70% on all the books shown.  My receipt said I saved a grand total of $123.68!!!

Anyway, since we've basically renting a room in a home for the last 2 1/2 years rather than having our own apartment, we have to start from the beginning and stock up on things like kitchen supplies, furniture, appliances, and all that good stuff.  I can honestly say that I am having so much fun buying stuff for the house.  It's funny because when I got word that I was going to get the rest of my financial aid money, the first thing I thought was that I would get to buy more stuff for the apartment and I get to buy my hunny a nice gift for our anniversary.  =)  I didn't think once about buying clothes, shoes, or anything like that.  Just getting nice things for the home that I could be proud of when we have guests over.
The new table I bought today. =)
Well already, I have stocked up on almost all the things we'll need in the kitchen, just missing my pan set, bought a bunch of decor stuff, and got a new couch and coffee table.  I'm even looking at a new dinette set that I'm really wanting to get my hands on.  The best part is that although my hubby has seen pictures or maybe even some stuff briefly on skype, I'll get to surprise him for the most part when I unpack everything.  I know he'll love it all, and I know I'll love showing him.  I'm so excited to get our lives on track and turn our house into a home.  =)

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