Friday, May 27, 2011

Trying to Recover

About 2 weeks ago I got pretty sick, it was a horrible cold and it kept me from running for about a week.  And then almost immediately after I recovered, I started running again and messed up my knee.  About a year ago, I pulled my ACL and I never really recovered from it.  I'll have really good days, then I'll have really bad days where it's hard to even walk.  I personally think I did more than pull it, but the doctors said it didn't look serious.  Well my messed up knee kept me from running for another week.  So in the course of about 2 1/2 weeks I ran a grand total of about 3 times.  It was horrible.

The sad part is that I have my first ever 5K next weekend and I know I'm not going to be ready.  I went from being about to run 2.25 miles without stopping down to running 1.25 miles and considering a 5k is 3.1 miles... I'm not very optimistic.  I'm really bummed about this because I was almost certain that I was going to do really well, now not too much.

To top it off, before I got sick, I was running with my dog every time because this 5k is a "pet friendly" one which I was going to run with her.  She was getting in such good shape, until she encountered her own obstacles.  I had her spayed and the doctor said to keep her down as much as possible for two weeks, and then a week after she came home from the vet, she developed Kennel Cough.  The doctor prescribed two more weeks of bed rest so she really hasn't had much of an opportunity to run either.  The other day I took her for a quick 1 mile run and realized that all the training I had done with her previously has gone out the window.  When we were running 4 times a week she was becoming so well behaved on the leash and did so well, now I'm realizing it's going to take a lot more work to get her back to where she was. =( Bummer...

So I'm crossing my fingers that with even all these pitfalls I'm able to give that 5K a run for it's money.  I may not be able to run the whole thing but at least I could be proud of myself for running farther and faster than I have ever in my life.  That at least counts for something, right?

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