Monday, June 6, 2011

Going Away...

Since it is after midnight, it is officially Monday.  Monday marks several events that I believe to be pretty darn important.  First of all, the movers are coming tomorrow (Tuesday) so my computer will officially be MIA as of tonight and I will not have immediate access to internet.  So for about the next two weeks I will be computer-less.  I don't really mind, without the distraction of internet waiting to be browsed, I might actually get some stuff done (not like I'll have much to do after the movers take my entire livelihood... lol).  But I am looking forward to getting away from it a little, even if I will miss blogging. =P

Monday is also my last "official" day of class.  After Monday all that will remain is two finals and then I'll be completely free!  I'm so thankful that my other three classes decided to have papers or assignments rather than finals which allowed me to finish them ahead of time and not worry about it during this stressful time. =)  Speaking of which, I finished my last assignment of my college career earlier and I must say that it felt great to get it done!

Everything is so close I can taste it!  My graduation is just a matter of days away, which is a really odd feeling to have.  I went to dinner with my grandparents and great-grandmother this evening because they wont be able to make it to my graduation, and it was so great to be able to see them one last time before I leave.  I really am going to miss my family.  As I start to say my good-byes, plan for the movers, and pick out my graduation outfit I begin to have near anxiety attacks and I feel very nervous about the whole thing.  The farthest that I have ever driven is to Washington and even then, I was a passenger, not a driver.  Now, not only am I driving 2,500 miles, but I am MOVING 2,500 miles away from everything I have ever known... This is why my blog is titled, "Army Wife In-Training"... it's getting used to these transitions and moves that I have to become used to and "train" myself in. 

There was more to write, but it's quickly closing in on my bedtime and I have too much to do tomorrow to prep for the movers.  So I'm off, I hope everyone is as excited for summer as I am!

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