Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just a Little K-9 Fun Run

I did it, I'm so proud of myself.  I was so proud of myself that I nearly cried after I passed the finish line.  Today I ran my first 5K.  Completing a 5K has been on my bucket list for the past several years and I finally got up the courage to improve my skills and complete a run.

Mandi and me finishing the run.  I was leaning down to pet her for doing so well.  Not a great picture, but a very proud moment.

The 5K that I ran was "pet-friendly" and was intended to raise money for a local shelter.  When I was looking for races at the beginning of my training this one stood out like a sore thumb.  It had perfect timing in which I would complete my training in plenty of time for (or so I thought), it timed really well with when I would be leaving for Georgia, AND I could run it with my dog!

Just before crossing the finish line.  I was pretty much dragging Mandi at this point because I was sprinting to get around all the people. =P

Can't really see me here because it was before I passed #102, but Mandi looks so darn cute. =P

This 5K meant even more for me than just knocking an item off of my bucket list for several reasons: 
1. When I was training for this run I spent 3 weeks down and out because of various reasons so I felt so unprepared for anything, let alone 3.1 miles.

2. This goes with the last statement, in the last 12-ish weeks that I've been training, I had yet to run a full 5K without stopping!  And I actually did it!  I was anticipating having to stop and walk part of it, but I was able to KEEP GOING! 

3.  I completed my 5K in 32:53!  It may not seem very good to the avid runner, but it means so much to me.

4.  I got to run it with Mandi, my pooch.  She did sooooo good, I was worried about her running with a bunch of other dogs because she tends to get a little protective, but not only was she friendly but she kept me going through the run and made me look good.  =D

5.  Finally, out of 213 people that participated in the run/walk, I came in as the 78th.  This includes all age groups, genders, and those with/without dogs.  Again, may not sound that great, but my goal was to make it in the top 100 and I smashed that goal!

This is something that definitely lifted my spirits today and made me so proud of the accomplishments that I continue to make.  I cannot wait to run another one with my husband to show him how far I really have come in the past several weeks. =)

**As a side note, if you look at the left column of the page, you'll notice that I added a section on my running, so you can see for yourself how much I have improved in such a short time.  If I can do it, you can do it!

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