Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Quick Update

I've been away for awhile now because of everything that has been going on, so I thought I would post a quick update on everything that has happened in the past two weeks.

The movers came and went without incident, they were able to pack and load everything I owned in just over 3 hours... lol.  I really must not have much stuff. haha.

After the movers came finals, my Human Biology final went well, I worked hard the entire quarter for that class so that final didn't give me much trouble.  Without studying for my Second Language Acquisition final I somehow managed a B, but I'm not complaining.

Following finals was graduation morning....  It was a tough morning, I got a total of 4 hours of sleep and the graduation took place outside with the blistering sun and went on for 3 hours (after standing around for over an hour before it started).  Still, I'm glad that I can officially call myself an university graduate... even if I'll have to return to school to acquire my credentials to teach.  Graduation was followed by a family brunch which was nice, I really enjoyed spending time just relaxing and chowing down with the family.  Without receiving a nap, I had to prepare for my graduation/going away party which ended up being a crazy and long night.  I had a ton of fun and enjoyed seeing some old friends one last time before leaving.  Unfortunately, some of the people that have always claimed to be close friends with me didn't show up or even bother to call or message me to bid me farewell... Oh well, one of the good things about moving away is that I can start over fresh with everything that I didn't get right the first time around, including friends.  The night ended with several people throwing up, one person getting their face drawn on, me playing nurse and babysitter, and friends not leaving until 5:30 a.m..  When the last person left, I had officially been up for 25 hours... long day.

For three days in a row I only received 4 hours of sleep each night, and on that third day I had to start my journey across the United States.  Monday was the beginning of a verrrrrry long drive. Let me just say that my butt was not only numb by the time we pulled into Georgia but also very sore.  We made a couple of stops along the way to rest including stopping in Colorado for the day so I could visit a friend that was there for surgery (Nicole, the one that got mauled by a cow) and also stopped in Nashville, TN to check out the country roots.  I will say this about Nashville, I will never return.  Nashville has the most confusing highway system (got lost 4 times), is incredibly expensive (one hour of parking cost me $15), and is filled with rude drunks at night.  It was more stress than it was relaxing to stop for the night there.

Anyway, I arrived in my new place of residence on Friday at about 1830, it was wonderful.  My husband wasn't expecting me until Saturday night or possibly Sunday morning so I got to surprise him.  It was so wonderful to see the shock and excitement on his face.  It was worth all the "white lies" to have him be so happy to see me a day or two early.

Saturday afternoon the movers showed up and dropped off all of our belongings and we've been working ever since.  Even though we had a "little" load of only about 3,000 pounds, it is taking forever to get everything to the point where I want it.  I have found that I am a perfectionist when it comes to putting things together.  I am often made fun of by family and friends because I am so organized and have to have everything set up in a particular way.  Today I finally finished the kitchen and am down to my final 3 boxes to unpack.  One is linens and I am very much not looking forward to refolding all my sheets...  One sad event that happened while unpacking this morning was that I found that some of my crystal glasses were broken during the move.  One is broken completely and 4 others have various chips on them.  I will be filing a claim and hopefully will receive monetary compensation but it's still a bummer to look in my shelf and see the set incomplete and damaged.

As of now I am just enjoying the time I get to spend with my husband, even if we spend it unpacking boxes and working our butts off.  I also want to mention that since we have arrived in this humid, scorching place, my furry mutt of a dog has not been happier.  When first seeing Matthew, she didn't quite remember him but it only took a second for her to realize who he was.  I have never seen her as happy as she has been for the past 2 days, I'm so glad that she is enjoying her time her, even with all the heat.

I have tons of pictures to post of the drive and the move and hopefully I'll be able to post the video of when I surprised my husband, but it might take a while considering all the chaos with moving and settling in.  Bare with me.  =D

Before I forget... My niece called me last night.  She asked me to come to her house to visit her, my heart shattered and I had to fight back the tears.  It didn't matter how much we talked to her about me moving really far away and being away for a really long time, she still didn't understand.  I hope my nephew doesn't think I abandoned him, too. I miss my family already and am very much looking forward to our next trip back to California, whenever that may be......

I finally got my mom to upload the pictures on her computer back in California so I could steal them off facebook, here are a few.

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