Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a Little Venting

I'm learning very quickly not to post complaints on Facebook.  Apparently I can't be like every other normal human being and complain about life's little speed bumps or else people think I'm ungrateful.

So this morning I had to get up at 4 am to take my husband to work.  It's one of the downsides to sharing a vehicle and having to run errands during the day.  So, me being the average American that enjoys sleeping in, especially when it's nearly impossible to fall asleep before midnight, I posted something on Facebook in which I lightly complained about having to get up so early.  Well, I received lovely posts from family and friends stating how I should be happy that I GET to take my husband to work.  After all, it is a few extra quality minutes that I get to spend with him.  I was not exactly "happy" when I read these comments.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a "places" status in which I marked that my husband and I were sitting at the DMV and had been waiting for forrreeeevvverrr.  Apparently I struck a chord because I received a good 5 to 6 comments about how I should be happy to be spending quality time with my husband, and that I should be happy that I have good company.  Really, I should be happy to sit down at the DMV for 2 hours in uncomfortable chairs listening to screaming babies and people complaining about the wait, all the while a foul smell is coming from the back of the room?

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my husband.  I am very grateful to have opportunities to spend time with him.  Ask anyone, if an opportunity crops up for me to spend lunch with him or swing by to see him during the day, I am all game.  I really treasure my time with him.  But since when am I not allowed to dislike waking up after only 4 hours of sleep or spending time at the DMV, like every other human being?  I know that I'm an army wife and sometimes time with my husband can be sparse, but I highly doubt that quality time at the DMV or driving on-post while I'm groggy in the passenger seat is going to be very productive in our relationship.

I understand that these people are "excited" for me because I'm finally back with my husband after so long apart, but honestly, who are they to tell me how happy I should be in particular situations?

Maybe I'm wrong and these people are right.  Maybe I should be more giddy, excited, and happy to drag my butt out of bed at 4 am and spend quality time at the DMV for 2 hours, but I still don't think they have the right to say such things.

Needless to say, since I've been here I've cut back tremendously on posting on Facebook and will probably continue to cut back.

That is all, any thoughts?

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  1. Keeping it light helps. I Ave taken an observer role mainly out there. Sometimes you have to speak up though, short and sweet to get your point across. Enough said.


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