Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Attitude is Everything

I have claimed to know that "attitude is everything" for quite some time now, but not until recently did I realize how true it really is.  It really is mind boggling to think about how tweaking your perspective just slightly can make everything much more enjoyable and positive.  I also seem to think that it brings a little luck to try to stay positive.

Since the whole change of orders scare my mind has been racing non-stop.  I have been planning, deciding, preparing, researching, etc., etc., etc..  Yesterday was a terrible day, filled with depression and a negative mood.  My mind kept darting to the negative aspect of moving and all the horrible things that could go wrong and the stress that is sure to accompany a move of this measure.  From that point on, it was a snowball effect, and I didn't have any hope of getting out in a positive mood.  I just felt that the more I thought negatively and the more that I anticipated the negative to happen, bad things DID start to happen.  I was beginning to mope until my husband came home and instantly lifted my spirits.

At the end of last night I thought to myself that tomorrow was a new day and it would be different... and you know what... it was.  Granted it's still early in the day, but there has definitely been an improvement.  What did I do different?   I took action!  Instead of moping around because I was bored and didn't have a car to go anywhere, I cleaned the house and got ahead of my household chores.  Instead of stressing about all the things we're going to have to do for the move,  I started making phone calls for appointments to get things out of the way.  I took the negativity out for a few moments and replaced it with productivity.  My stress levels decreased so much and I feel so much more relaxed because of it.  Once I was able to breathe the positive side was pretty impossible to ignore and made me feel better about everything that is to come in the future.

I hope I can keep this up because with a lot on the line, a good attitude can make or break the situation.

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