Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Reason I Hate the Dentist

I've taken decent care of my teeth since I was young and didn't get my first cavity until I was in middle school.  I also never really went to the dentist during my youth, I could count on one hand the number of times I went between the ages of 7 and 18.  But since I've starting "footing the bill" I now understand why my mother never took me to the dentist.

Remember that line, "I take care of my teeth", even so... Old fillings have to be repaired and in the last 6 years another cavity popped up.  This is my first experience with United Concordia aka Tricare Dental Program and I'm not exactly thrilled at how much I'm going to need to pay for.

For the repair of two fillings and the new one filling my total is running out to around $450 out of pocket... ouch... yeah... With all the upcoming expenses of renting a car, a visit home before the big move, and paying for all the costs for Mandi to be taken to Germany with us (vet bills, kennel, shipping, etc. )... Dishing out $450 is not exactly on my "fun" list.  Especially since my husband is supporting us fully because he dislikes the concept of me working yet. *Insert eye roll*

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out in February I had to foot the bill as well and ended up paying nearly $600... it was a rough moment when I handed over my credit card.  So in the course of just over 6 months, I'm paying a little under $1100 for dental care... AND... "I take care of my teeth"

/sigh... Let that be a lesson for all the kids out there that don't think dental hygiene is important.  It's not important until you're the one paying for the repercussions of drinking sweets or not flossing properly.

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