Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Intense Weekend

Nothing has slowed down in the past week or two, in fact it feels like everything just keeps chugging through at full speed.

It has been an exciting and fun weekend paired with plenty of relaxation and laziness. 

Friday a friend of ours got married and we were blessed enough to be invited to the very small event.  There were about 8 guests there in total which is actually really common in military weddings.  Most people don't have an opportunity to plan a large wedding while affiliated with the military and are therefore left with a shotgun wedding.  But it was really nice and we went out and had a nice dinner afterward with a couple of the guests and the bride and groom afterward.  Nothing but happy wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Here is a picture of us after dinner, looking all spiffy.

Saturday morning we were up early and out the door on our way to Atlanta for the day!  The only other time I had been in Atlanta was when we were driving through it on our way to our new home.  We had heard a ton of great things about the Georgia Aquarium and thought we would see it for ourselves. Here are a few quick pictures we snagged while there.

This was inside a little pop up tube thing literally inside the penguin exhibit.  Only inches away from the little men in suits!
 The touch tank!  Matthew touched a Mana Ray and in another tank got a hold of a sea urchin and star fish.  I touched a Mana Ray and a little shark.  It was a big moment for me!

Unfortunately, after a short while the aquarium became way to overcrowded for our tastes and made it virtually impossible to see within the exhibits.  We ended up leaving after only an hour and a half, but decided that we weren't going to let it ruin our day and instead headed over to the history museum.  We even got in for free because of the holiday weekend and our military affiliation.

The museum was a great change of atmosphere for us.  MUCH less crowded, no noisy and greedy people hogging the exhibits, and we had fun learning about different parts of history. =)

A firetruck!?!?

Now we're at home just relaxing. The perfect way to spend a weekend... with friends, doing and seeing new things, and finally relaxing and not doing anything!

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