Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you ever reach one of those points in your life where motivation for nearly everything comes to a halt?

That's where I'm at...

I remember just in the past few months I WANTED to go for long walks in the morning with our dog, I WANTED to clean the house until it was spotless, and I WANTED to study German for hours until I had a complete understanding of what I was learning.

This morning I took Mandi for a walk unwillingly after a long streak of no walks because I was sick.  It was a weird feeling going back to it after having a break of almost 2 weeks without it.  I'm sure Mandi was happy about it though.

Now, I just got done with an attempt to work on my German.  The last time I did a lesson, I only got an 83% on the grammar portion which I guess isn't passing, so I left it for next time feeling defeated.  This morning I did the grammar portion again with absolutely no improvement but decided to move on anyway.  To my dismay I received *eek!* a 36% on the following written portion.  At this point I'm too confused and honestly defeated to go any further.  I'm looking forward to arriving in Germany and taking ACTUAL classes and speaking with ACTUAL natives so that this confusion can hopefully be eased.

I wish I could motivate myself to push through it all and just get it done.  But for the time being, I think I may just curl up with a good book and read my day away.

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