Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Official Paper Orders

Guten Abend!  So it's official, we're going to Germany!  I know, I know, I've be chattering on and on about Germany for the past month already so it's no shock.  But now I can say it without feeling that at any moment I'm going to regret mentioning it because orders have a tendency to change.

Well, to my excitement, Matthew came home today with official orders in his hands. And as I sat reading these orders and everything that they entailed, including our report date (Nov. 26th) and his out-processing date (Nov. 2) my mind was constantly churning.  Now that I have the orders in my hand and I can "officially" get stuff done, I feel like going back into panic mode because of all the things that need to be finished.  I'm the type of person that doesn't like loose ends.  The second there are loose ends that can influence my life in some way I am eager to jump on the ball and find a solution.

So here I am, instead of resting because I have to start my day at 4 am, I'm up organizing and planning.  My to-do list for tomorrow and increased 3-fold and I'm crossing my fingers that I can at least get most of it done.  Say bye-bye to being lazy until I get the ball rolling on all this PCS stuff.  There are phone calls and office visits to make, trips home to plan, and errands to run!  No time to sit around watching Glee or reading novels.  Chop chop!  Clock is ticking!

Btw, with our new report date and out-processing dates I'm going to have to miss my nephew's 2nd birthday and we'll probably be stuck in a hotel room to celebrate our first Thanksgiving.  Poo...

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