Sunday, September 4, 2011

Part 2- Kennel Training

Last Thursday we began the next step in the training process for Mandi and her kennel.  If you recall from a previous post not too long ago, the first step included only using the bottom portion of the kennel and allowing her to investigate it freely.  With the first step the hope is that she'll begin to get comfortable with the big hulking plastic container.

We were doing really well with the training, at random moments Mandi would enter the kennel and sleep in it.  There were no hesitations and if she were told to go lie down in it, she would do so without flinching.  So Thursday presented a new challenge... getting her to enter the kennel with the top portion added to it (with no gate attached).  I honestly felt that she was ready to make the leap and I think I was right!

She was really hesitant in the beginning and I even ended up crawling in it myself to show her it was okay.  The key again in this training is to not physically force the pet into the kennel.  Added anxiety will do nothing except hinder the training process.

After she retrieved a couple of treats that were thrown in the kennel it was almost as if she had an epiphany that it was still the same "bed" she had been sleeping in before.  Within the next hour or so she was willingly laying down inside it.

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