Wednesday, September 28, 2011

People and Their Lies

I originally posted this a few days back but took it down almost immediately because I didn't know what type of response it would get, but now I'm thinking I want to find out...

I don't see why people feel the need to lie to make themselves look "better".  Honestly, when you're caught in a lie it makes you look even worse than if you had told the truth from the beginning.

A few days ago I came across a forum in which a wife said that her husband felt upset about not deploying yet after 5 years.  Therefore when a civilian would shake his hand and thank him for his service he would claim that he hadn't done anything and didn't deserve their gratitude.

I completely disagree with his reasoning because anyone that makes sacrifices in the Army big or small is doing their part and deserves thanks.  Besides, serving on the homefront is just as important as serving overseas.  Even so, I admire his honesty while regarding the issue.  I know of people that feel embarrassed about not deploying and rather than being honest will lie to strangers to avoid the "humility".

I think this same concept goes with everything in life.  If you are doing something admirable, why bother trying to "spruce" it up to make it seem like you're doing more than you actually are?

There is an Army wife I know that is trying to lose weight and get into shape.  I think that's wonderful, I love working out and I love seeing other people get into it too.  The thing is, this wife tends to "fluff" her achievements.  Why??!?!  Any achievements and milestones are wonderful!

Just look at some of my old posts about running... I don't deny that I could do better or that my mile time may be embarrassing, it is what it is... I'm proud of the steps I've taken to improve my quality of life and others should be proud of theirs too!!

Just my two cents....

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