Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sarah's Key

While updating my "to-read" list of books I realized I hadn't posted anything about one of the books I recently read, Sarah's Key.

While my dear friend from California was visiting me a few weeks back she was reading this novel and since she finished it before leaving my home, she decided to leave it for me.  I promised I would get to it as soon as I finished The Circle Trilogy (which was also her copy), and then I would mail them both back.

She had very mixed feelings about the book due to a dislike of one of the characters, I on the other hand, felt the book was enlightening.

I thought the novel brought something forward that few novels that I read do... awareness.

The book follows two people which are in fact strangely intertwined, 60 years apart.  One is a small girl that experiences the brunt of WWII while being a Jew and exposes many of the horrors that Jews were faced with from the innocent perspective of a child.  The second character is an American born, French resident, writer that comes across Sarah's tale and seeks to get to the bottom of the mystery that entails Sarah's life.

The book was somewhat depressing... okay, really depressing... but I came away from it with a new enlightenment and respect for those that suffered during the war.

I hope a few of you read this book and give it a shot, it's fairly short with only about 280 pages and will give you more than just entertainment for a few days.

One problem I had with the book was the amount of French in it.  Although completely understandable considering the book is set in none other than France... but it made for a lot of skipped lines for people like me. lol

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  1. One story takes place in 1942 when a young Jewish girl and her family are rounded up by the French police who detain them before sending them to the Nazi gas chambers. The second story concerns a modern-day journalist who discovers the fact that the French turned Jews over to the Nazis and decides to write a story about it. The journalist has troubles of her own and her pursuit of the truth threatens her husband's family and her marriage. This is an engrossing story which is based on an actual incident and is one of the best books I've read in awhile. Profoundly moving.


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