Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on 9 month deployments

The Army has released a statement that the new 9-month deployment policy will take effect the beginning of next year and will be fully enforced by April.

Some common facts that are popping up in articles that should be kept in mind when considering this tidbit of information:
1. If deploying before the end of this year, the 9-month rule will not apply to you.
2. There are some fields in which the deployment time does not change and will remain at 12 months.
3. Since the need for military can fluctuate, do not count on this to be a permanent change.  It can very well stay at 9 months for several years but nothing is ever permanent.
4. The dwell time after deployments will also be affected by this change, shortening it from 2 years to approximately 18 months.  There are hopes for this to increase but there is no mentioned time for when that will happen.
5. Soldiers will not be granted mid-tour leave because they will no longer be deployed for a year.  The Emergency Leave can still be granted depending on the circumstances.

Good news!  Hope everyone is excited about the upcoming changes.

Too bad my hubby won't be affected by the change, but at least others will get to enjoy it!

Here are a few links to some of the articles I read regarding the issue:


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