Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's wrong with a "little" reading?

You may not remember it, but a few months ago (in May, I think) I posted something about a Borders in town that was closing and I went a little haywire on purchasing books.  Back then my stack of unread books included about 8...

Well, then I moved to Georgia.  And I guess the East coast decided to shut down their Borders after the West coast because all of them around here are just now going out of business.  Anyway, my husband and I went a little crazy and have spent a bit too much money and my stack has grown considerably.

The picture you see above is my stack of books that I have yet to read.  I think about 5 of them are my husband's and the rest are mine. Only 2 are used books that I am borrowing from a friend, the rest are ones I've recently purchased.  May I remind you that I have also read 9 books while I've been here and none of them are included in this stack.

When I think back on my relationship with books it almost makes me laugh.  As a child I would lock myself in my room and read for hours on end.  Those habits didn't fall by the wayside when I grew up either.  In fact, I was almost embarrassed to admit how much I read to other students and often pretended that I didn't enjoy a good book from time to time.  Even in college, I found myself admitting once to a fellow schoolmate that I read an entire novel in one day when I thought she was admitting the same, only to be embarrassed when she said the only reason she read was because she was sick and stuck in bed.  What was my excuse?

But now, I honestly don't care.  I love to read, and I feel that the people that choose not to read are doing themselves a serious injustice.  Reading not only broadens your perspective and teaches you new things, but it also provides for an escape from reality and brightens your imagination.

I hope that when I get in the classroom, my love of books can rub off on some students as some of my teachers' in the past rubbed off on me.

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