Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Vamped for the Move

I haven't REALLY posted anything about what's going on lately and thought now would be a good time to play catch up.

Last week Matthew had to be out in the field for a week, it was lonely being home alone all day without anything to do or anyone to talk to, but I survived.  Something good did come out of it though.  Since the couples that we normally hang out with were going through the same situation, I had some quality gal time in the evenings while Matthew was gone.  Misery loves company?  Okay, we weren't that miserable but a countdown did pop up every now and then.  ;-)

So now that Matthew is back home we have a lot of prepping to do before the movers come on Friday.  Yikes!  Everything has to be gone through and sorted between carry-on items, unaccompanied baggage, and household goods.  I feel like I'm playing the guessing game while I sort because we don't really know when our unaccompanied baggage and household goods will be arriving.  It could very well happen that our household goods come before our unaccompanied baggage.  It's not likely, but possible since it's a slow PCS season right now.  The problem with not knowing is guessing what goods you'll need between now and then.

I would just throw everything into my luggage and take it with me if I even remotely assumed that we might need it in the next few months; but there's only one problem... We're only allowed one 50 pound bag each...

We got through our closet, bedroom, bathrooms, and took down all our decor today.

Looking at the clothes, hygiene products, shoes, etc. that I'm going to need to bring, I have no idea how it is all going to fit into one bag (plus small carry-on) under 50 lbs.  It doesn't help that we're visiting California before going off to Germany, two very different average temperatures therefore many different wardrobes to account for.  Matthew had to come in and actually pull out clothes from my already condensed stack to make it more do-able. 

My "overly-condensed" stack including peacoat.  Add in "delicates", hygiene products, hair products, 4 pairs of shoes, and anything else I may need and you have chaos in a suitcase!
Anyway, with all this anxiousness about sorting everything correctly, making sure everything is prepped for the movers, anticipating our next steps in this hectic process, tensions can get a little high.  Any move is stressful, add in the fact that we're moving overseas and have relatively little control over what will happen in the next few months and you have me pulling my hair out!

I know this may sound odd, but I'll be so thankful when the movers come and take all my belongings away.  I feel like a weight will be lifted off my shoulders when that mounting to-do is completed.  I'm so excited to plop a great big check mark next to "be available for movers for pack and ship day of HHG".

The countdown is getting smaller!

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