Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Bake a Perfect Life

Here it goes again, another "what I thought" post about a book I recently finished.
I finished this book up today and I'll just say I was very happy with the ending of it.  The ending added definite closure and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. ;-)

Aside from the ending though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It's the type of book that shows you that in a time of crisis you should count your blessings and realize that life goes on.  It also places a great importance on your support group, which I agree on.  If you are going through a situation that feels particularly devastating and it feels as if you are all alone, realize that there are people that love you and are willing to help you get through this phase in your life.  That's all it really is, a phase, life will continue and things will improve.

I will admit that it is not the type of book that is adrenaline pumped and you will plow through in 1 night.  Rather, it's more of a "take your time, curl up on a cold night" type of book. 

About the book itself:

The book follows literally 5 generations of women and includes flashbacks to one of the main character's, Ramona's, childhood while she was pregnant with her baby at the meager age of 15.  The novel expresses how having passions in life can help "save your life" as your passions allow you to cope with any situation that may present itself.  For Ramona, her passion was baking breads as she describes two times in her life when bread "saved her". 

The book enchants the reader by relating the fictional circumstances to those that can be faced in real life.  And although the particular life events are not faced by everyone, I'm sure everyone has had the feeling of dread and uneasiness as they are faced with things they feel they may not be able to handle.  The book is more about overcoming obstacles than the actual obstacles at hand.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this book is the fact that there are bread recipes scattered throughout at the end of sections.  I'm not sure how accurate the recipes are coming from a fictional book, but if anyone tries them please let me know! 

I came away from the book longing to develop passions that I could lose myself in and grateful for everything in my life that has gone right so far.  I just keep remembering when things go bad that everything could be worse than it is.

Life goes on...

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