Thursday, October 20, 2011

Separation Technique for Movers

If you read one of my previous posts about the difficulty we were having with sorting out our Household Goods, Unaccompanied Baggage, and Carry-on items then you know that we are doing more than one shipment.

As we were sorting and cleaning the house in preparation for the movers one of the problems that we faced was ensuring that the things that needed to stay behind, either for Carry-on (CO)or Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) wouldn't be accidentally picked up by the movers.  We actually developed a system that seemed to have worked out pretty well.

When first sorting and organizing the home and before we had a "specific" place to put everything we sorted everything between totes.  One tote for UB and another for CO.  As everything started to become more sorted and the majority of the items left behind were Household Goods (HHG), it made it so much easier to condense everything.

We were able to completely empty the guest closet which is fairly large because it is a walk-in.  Therefore we were able to move all our hygiene products and clothes over to the guest closet so it was temporarily out of the mover's way.

In the kitchen, we faced a new obstacle.  Since I was still needing much of my cooking supplies it didn't make much sense to remove it all and stick it in a back closet.  So instead, I condensed the cupboards and placed all food and cooking tools (utensils, pots/pans, etc.) into a few cupboards and placed sticky notes on those cupboards.  The sticky notes turned out to be a great idea, I was able to tell the movers not to touch anything that had a sticky note on it and I didn't have to stand over their shoulder answering the same question every other minute, "Ma'am, is this going?"

 After all of our main goods were taken it was nice to be able to spread out a little more and uncram our guest closet.  It was so funny going through my kitchen cupboards because in haste to put up the things I was going to need I had random mixing bowls and baking pans shoved in my food cupboards.  =P

I imagine that we'll go through a similar situation when sorting out our final goods between CO and UB.  It's hard to believe that our UB will be picked up in just over a week and we'll be on our way to Germany in exactly a month from today.  Crazy how time flies!

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