Thursday, October 13, 2011

Graduation: The Near End

Yesterday was a "big" day!  My husband FINALLY graduated AIT!  This is a momentous occasion since he's been in for over a year and is finally finishing.  Well... sort of finishing...  Graduation marked the end of MOST of his training and the completion of capstone but unfortunately they still have to take one more class and go through the ridiculous amount of out-processing.

BUT... I still think that yesterday was an extremely significant day because it means that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm so proud of everyone that graduated but I feel a little sad because Matthew and our good friend Eric were supposed to be in the running for Honor Grad (those that have an average percentage of over 95 from all the training), but didn't end up getting it.  Nonetheless, I think the guys are more grateful that it's over rather than disappointed about being recognized for 2.5 seconds.

It doesn't quite feel real yet but I'm sure all of that will change come tomorrow morning.  The movers should be arriving bright and early tomorrow to begin packing which means I have a long day ahead of me getting prepared.  Yesterday was extremely busy considering I was up from 0400 to 2000 cleaning and prepping and running errands, not to mention Matthew's graduation.

So today is another day... I'm not too sure what to think about everything being so close to happening.  All I can hope for is that everything goes smoothly with as little speed bumps as possible.  =)

Happy Thursday to all of you!

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