Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Day!!

Yesterday was the first time I saw snow on the ground in about 13 years.  Yes, you read that right... Our hometown usually snows once every decade but has been lacking snow more than usual lately.  Now that we've moved to Germany, we got to experience something very new to us, non-stop snow all day!

Since it had been so long since the last snow in our original California town, it means that our little girl, Mandi had yet to see snow at all.  It was so fun seeing her first reaction to the awkward white and cold ground and seeing how quickly she warmed up to playing in the snow.

This silly girl had no problem with sticking her entire head in the snow to smell the ground beneath it.

 Although we didn't build a snow man, we did get plenty of mini-snowball fights to occupy our time outside.  It was an exciting day and with the arrival of snow, the Christmas season seems even more real.  It's hard to believe that we are only 4 days away from my favorite holiday, and only 6 days from mine and Matthew's anniversary.  This year has gone by so incredibly fast!

Here is my favorite picture from our little snow day!

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