Sunday, January 22, 2012


The view of the town from the castle
Today my husband and I took a day trip to Heidelberg.  The last day trip that we took was to Frankfurt and although I got to see a dear friend in there, I thought Heidelberg was much more entertaining and enjoyable.  Frankfurt is such a large city and it is so industrial that it is incredibly easy to get lost if you don't know your way and especially if you don't have a map... like us.  I'm seriously thinking about investing in a giant atlas of every street in Germany so that we don't have to worry anymore about planning day trips.  We spent several hours in Frankfurt wandering around lost because we had no map and very little sense of direction.

Therefore, for this trip I planned to the T the route we would take using street names as a guide in order to see all the different sights.  Unfortunately, hardly any of the streets in Heidelberg were labeled so my guide was completely worthless...  The reason it didn't turn into a disastrous day of wandering like Frankfurt started out to be was because Heidelberg is unbelievably easy to maneuver through... Oh, and it's tiny in comparison to Frankfurt.  Although we didn't see everything on our list we made a pretty hefty dent and will have time to see the rest later on.  We managed to have a lot of fun and saw a ton of cool sights during our trip including Heidelberg's castle.

The weather was a little sporadic and varied between nice and manageable, cold and windy, and light rain.  It could have been much worse, but we are planning on returning in the spring time to see all the wonderful gardens!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day:

Beautiful homes on the hillside/riverfront.

Heuscheuer (Hay Barn)- Originially built to help defend the city from attackers, but after the tower was destroyed it was used to store hay for the horses, followed by being turned into a lecture hall.
Alte Brücke (old bridge) Made 1786-1788 because the normal wooden bridges couldn't withstand flooding, fire, ice, etc.

Brückenaffe (Bridge Monkey)- Not the original monkey that used to be by the bridge, but was created in 1979. The legend has it that the monkey (holding a mirror) is supposed to symbolize that neither the city folk or those from outside are so different and you should look over your shoulder as you cross the bridge to remember that.

A little blurry, but the recorded flood levels.  It's no wonder that the wooden bridges couldn't hold up.

Not a good picture at all, but I wanted to show how steep the gradient was to walk up to the castle.  It was something crazy like 49%!

On the back end of the castle.  You can see where the wall literally crashed down.  I believe this castle was partially destroyed in the war.

Caught sight of this while walking through the shopping district in Heidelberg.  It is pretty much the coolest knife holder I have ever seen.  And only 150 euros! ;-)

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