Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning to Use My Fancy Camera- Day 2

A lot of people that invest in DSLR cameras do not take the time to learn how to thoroughly work it.  They purchase a camera that has unlimited possibilities and yet keep it in auto mode rather than experimenting with the different modes and options.

Well I'm trying to kick off the use of my new camera with a bang.  Although I am currently working in auto mode because I JUST got my camera I'm also starting new "tutorials" and such to help me learn how to get full use out of my camera.  I am now starting the very popular, 31 Days to a Better Photo series and I will hopefully get a chance to post everyday the new things I have tried with the camera and improvements I have been making.

Day 2:
Read your manual and find:

  1. How to change the mode of your camera – auto / program, aperture priority, shutter priority.
  2. What do the icons on your camera mean? The flower, the running man, a face, mountains, stars, etc. What does each symbol represent?
  3. Which wheel controls shutter speed, which wheel controls aperture?
  4. How to find the white balance menu, and change it.
  5. How to change ISO. These numbers will usually start at 100 or 200 and go as high as the camera allows.
Here we go!

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