Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Camera :-)

I have been wanting a new camera for ages!  The one I have now, and the one all my pictures are from is a simple Kodak point and shoot that is also 3 years old.  I have always been a fan of photography but did not get a new camera to become a "photographer".  There are so many people that assume the second that they get a nice fancy camera that they are a photographer or are going to start up a photography business.  That's not me.  I love taking nice pictures and I want a camera that takes a higher quality of pictures.  I also got one of the top semi-professional/beginner cameras because I want something that I can learn and grow with.  If I'm going to spend $700 on a camera, I want it to last me and be able to teach me new things every time I turn it on.

So anyway, I ordered my camera 3 weeks ago and unfortunately amazon would not ship directly to our APO box so I had to go the round about way of shipping it to my mom's in California and having her forward it to me.  It ended up taking, well, over 3 weeks to get here.  The entire time I have been sitting on my hands and counting the moments until I would get that wonderful e-mail from the post office that said we had a package to pick up.

At about 9:30 this morning, I saw the e-mail.  Granted it could have been for any item that we have ordered recently, which there are actually several shipments coming our way but I just had a feeling it would be the camera.  And it was!!

So now I'm waiting for the battery to charge and trying to keep my hands busy until I have a chance to tinker with it and practice my picture taking.  I took a few pictures of the actual camera with my point and shoot (PAS) and thought I would share. :-)

Isn't it beautiful????

Happy Picture Taking!

Just got a few pictures in and wanted to share.  Before with my point and shoot it was so difficult to take a clear picture in natural light because you would have to hold your hand immensely still.  The pictures that I often put on my blog have usually been retaken several times to look decent and are usually edited.  Not anymore!!  I'll still edit, but the pictures that follow are edit free!  Since my husband had left for work again before the battery was completely charged, Mandi had to be my model.  Click to enlarge.

The very first picture I took.

My point and shoot that will soon be passed down to Matthew.


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