Thursday, February 23, 2012

Foto Friday- Fasching Parade

I am so excited about today's Foto Friday.  Why, you ask?  I get to share some of the pictures I took at the Fasching Parade on Monday.  For once I got to photograph more than just my dog!

These photos were all taken in manual mode and although I will consider the day a learning experience because I made the mistake of not adjusting the white balance and had to try to correct it the best I could later on through editing.  Nonetheless, there are a few pictures that I really do like and want to share with you today.  :-)

My husband.  He didn't know I took this, which is the only reason I got away with it at all.  :-P
Kids showering the crowd in confetti
The jester that got me not once, but twice with confetti.  This picture is mid-throw of the first handful of confetti.  The second time he proceeded to rub it in my hair.  I'm still finding confetti...

Lots of fun!  It was great getting a chance to test out my camera on more than Mandi and random stationary objects!

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