Sunday, February 5, 2012

Military Monday - The "Army Wife" Title

I have read many varying opinions of those that use the term "Army Wife" to describe themselves and I feel that there are two very extreme views on this topic.

One side feels that their job and livelyhood revolves around having a spouse in the military.  These individuals are often seen using the term "army wife" as their job title on Facebook and spamming their cars, clothing, etc. with the term army wife.

I will admit that being an army wife is a special thing.  Not everyone can handle military life and those that can should be proud of not only their own personal strengths but the accomplishments that their husbands have made as well.

Similarly there is a line that some wives tend to cross.  Your husband's rank is not YOUR rank.  I'm sorry, but being proud is one thing but to think that YOU are better than some other spouse because of what YOUR HUSBAND has accomplished is complete hogwash.

Also, being an Army Wife does shape who you are, but it isn't ALL of who you are. There are women that when describing themselves only mention that they are an Army Wife...  To me, it feels like these women are selling themselves short.  You are not only an army wife.  You may be a wife that has a passion for food, or is a great artist, or has a wonderful career.

Let being an army wife teach you new strengths and create a better you, but don't let the idea of being an army wife consume you.

The other end of the spectrum are those women that completely bash others that affiliate themselves with the title at all.  These women are ones that say things like, "You wouldn't call yourself a 'plumber's wife'  or a 'lawyer's wife', etc. if your husband had an 'ordinary' job.".  You're right, I wouldn't.  But here's the thing, soldiers don't have 'ordinary jobs'.  The life of a wife with a husband that works a regular 9-5 job does not compare to that of an Army spouse.  The constant moving, deployments, stress, field trainings, absences in general make being an army wife more than just being a wife.

Being an Army wife is being proud but also realizing that there are more things in life than just being a 'wife'.

What are your thoughts on the topic?  Do you know people that fit either end of the spectrum? 


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