Monday, March 26, 2012

Today in Our Home

It's hard finding balance when you blog.  Do you do a bunch of "official" posts about "how-to's" with thoughtful insight?  Or do you add in personal posts about life and how things are going one way or another?  I've always wanted a complete balance of everything, but getting there can be the tricky part.  I may go several weeks without posting anything about my personal life and before I made an official day for military information, I went long bouts without posting anything regarding that matter.  So here is my compensation... At this very moment in my life, this is what is going on:

1.  We are slowly getting used to having a cat in the household.  It is a tough adjustment because our kitty is older (13 years old) and it's just as much of an adjustment for her as for us.

2.  I am working anywhere from 0-5 days each week.  Being on-call is one of the worst aspects of being a sub.  I love those days where they schedule me in advance for work and despise the days when I get a call at 7 am asking me to be in in 30 minutes.

3.  The husband is still in the field and they keep changing his return date.  He'll be spending his birthday in the field and it'll be the second birthday in a row that I haven't been able to spend with him.

4.  I am finally starting to meet some of my neighbors and Mandi is having so much fun playing with their dogs.  It's a great feeling when you are surrounded (literally) by people that you know.

5.  My daily rhythm is always messed up.  Never knowing when I'm going to work does wonders for making me a basket case.  Things that should get done, don't.  Not to mention having very little motivation with the hubby gone.

6.  I am completely and utterly bummed that I didn't get a chance to properly explore the Easter Market.  Upon arrival there on Sunday it seemed like it was all just fabric and car vendors so the group I was with just left.  About the time everyone was shutting down shop, a friend tells me that the actual Easter vendors were all located in the very back pedestrian zone by all the shops, not the city center... damn.

7.  I'm not sleeping well and when I do sleep my dreams are extremely strange.  Last night I had a dream that John Lennon was eaten alive by a pack of hyenas.  Maybe I'm eating too close to bedtime?

8.  I'm trying to make a name for myself in the school where I'm subbing.  There are some students that I adore and make it all worth while, where there are others that do everything in their power to make the whole class turn against me.  There are really great days where both the students and teachers end up loving me, but there are also days when I go home worried about losing my job because that one class did everything in their power to fight me.

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