Saturday, April 28, 2012

Losing My Pictures

My husband and I pretty much alternate between computers.  We have both a laptop and a desktop computer that we share equally although he seems to gravitate toward the desktop to play games more often.  On each computer I have Lightroom installed so I can edit my images and upload/save all the great pictures I've been getting with my new camera, therefore I have pictures stored on both devices.  My laptops has primarily all my Germany photos (Mainz/Fasching Parade, Edelweiss, etc.) On the desktop I had all of our Paris images, the shaking pictures of Mandi, the new pictures I had gotten of our cat Sabrina, etc.  I hadn't had a chance to go through the detailed list and back up these images on our external hard drive yet so they were just sitting on the computer.  Our external hard drive had all of our older images just not the newer ones.

I think you all know the general direction this post is going in...

Our desktop started having some problems with the CD drive.  My husband was trying to download a couple of gaming discs and it just wouldn't read them.  Being the type of man that cannot stand when electronics don't work his way, he was determined to fix the problem.  Upon doing plenty of research to find the source of the problem he found a potential solution is to do a complete factory restore of the computer.

I told him that it was pretty essential that my images get backed up on the external because I did not want to lose 500 pictures from Paris along with their edited counterparts and any other pictures.  He copied my Paris pictures over like a good husband does.  BUT, he was in a hurry to fix the computer and I was rushed and couldn't properly check all the files to make sure I had a copy of the rest of my images.

He did the restore and when I went through my images on the hard drive I realized that I am missing a lot of pictures of Mandi and all my pictures of Sabrina.  Now, it's not like I lost pictures of Paris or of places that we might not visit again, but I am still not happy about losing some of my favorite pictures of the girls.  Now the only copies I have of them include the blog copyright and are posted on here.  At least I can still look at them?

To intensify my disappointment, the restore didn't even fix the problem.  We ended up just replacing the CD drive but still had to re-download every single program on the computer and ended up losing more documents, images, programs, etc than I would like to count.

Moral of the story:  Don't rush when backing up files and be sure to regularly back-up files, not just when a computer problem crops up.

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