Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an E-Reader

 10 11 Reasons Why You Should Buy an E-Reader

When e-readers first came out on the market, I swore them off.  I swore I would never stoop down to purchasing one because, well, "it wasn't the same" as reading an actual book.  I broke down and had my husband purchase one for me for Christmas last year and I have been in love ever since.  I am now spending my time ensuring that everyone around me knows how wonderful this invention is and looks into purchasing one.  I have already swayed 3 people, let's see if I can make an impact on you.

1. Travel with ease- When we were in the process of moving and visiting family on leave I took up a good chunk of our carry-on by packing books.  With an e-reader I can have hundreds of books on me without even breaking a sweat.

2. Borrow books for free- If you buy a Kindle (not sure about how Nooks work), Amazon has a "Amazon prime" program that is a really sweet deal.  For about $7 a month you can receive free 2-day shipping on any orders that come from an Amazon seller, have access to their streaming library, AND borrow 1 book a month for free.  If you purchase an item a month and borrowed a book it's well worth it.  I currently place about 1 order every week so the shipping alone more than compensates the cost of the fee.   Additionally, many libraries are now incorporating a "digital copy" system where you can borrow books from the library in the same way you would borrow a bound copy from them.

3. Share with your friends - You can loan books to your friends.  Pretty cool considering you don't have to worry about them dog earring your favorite novel.

4. Buy books without leaving the couch- If you have access to WI-fi or have your Kindle connected to your 3G server, shop away.

5. Lighter than the hefty novels you find at the end of a series -  The e-readers alone are pretty dang lightweight.  You know the final books of a series and how they can end up weighing a good pound or two? (cough, cough, Harry Potter) Not a problem with this!

6. Never skip over a word you don't know - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature!  The Kindle has a built in dictionary so you can touch a word on the screen and it will bring the definition up for you in a small pop-up window.  How awesome!

7. Easier on your eyes than reading off a tablet or phone- If you purchase an e-reader with "e-ink" it will honestly feel as if you're reading off a page.  Before I caved and bought one of these puppies, I used to always say that "it wasn't the same", and it isn't... if you buy a reader with a glossy screen or read off an iPad or cell phone.  E-ink is a unique quality that is much easier on your eyes and as you get lost in your book, you wont even realize you don't have a hardback in front of you.

8. Upload personal documents (i.e. recipes) to have with you wherever you go (i.e. the kitchen)-  You can upload your own stuff to your Kindle.  Upon purchase, you receive an e-mail account.  Anything that you send to that e-mail account will be stored on your kindle.  Since I have the majority of my recipes digitized already, all it takes is a quick send and I can prop up my kindle on the kitchen counter and go to work cooking.

9. Having books backed up online - What happens if your home is subjected to fire or a flood?  You would loose everything including the books that took you years to collect.  If your kindle is damaged, your books are backed up online and connected to your Amazon account, therefore can be re-downloaded on another device.

10. "Highlight" passages without ruining your book - Have you ever found a quote in a book that you love but you don't want to write in your precious novel?  You can highlight passages on a Kindle with just the touch of the screen and the great part is every highlighted passage you have will be saved in a separate file so you don't even have to search through the book to find the passage.  Just go to the file and viola!

11.  Ease of holding - If you are a gym goer you have probably taken your book to the gym to read on the cardio equipment a time or two.  I love reading on the elliptical but it was always a pain with bound books because I was constantly having to hold the pages down and worry about losing my spot.  With an e-reader there are no worries with that, just a tap to the corner of the screen turns the page and you can even increase the font size if you're like me and have trouble reading small print while in motion.

Now, I'm not saying that you should do away with classic bound books.  I love having a physical library of books but having an electronic library definitely has some awesome perks as well.

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