Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dog PAW-ty Game Ideas

For Mandi's party I was on a hunt for game ideas and found some that worked out really well.  If you ever think you might want to throw a PAW-ty for your pooch consider these ideas:

1. Temptation Tower
             Have dogs and owners partner up.  This game is easiest if you have a nice level ground of concrete or other solid material for the owners to use.  Each owner is given a bowl with treats in it but be sure everyone has the same number of treats.  (We used 10 per dog/owner)  The owner has one minute to build a tower made of treats in front of their pooch.  The dog must resist all temptation and stay away from the treats.  The owner can give verbal commands to the dog to keep them from eating the treats but cannot physically restrain them.  If the dog eats a treat, they are disqualified.  If the tower falls during the building process it can be rebuilt.  The tower that is the highest at the end is the winner. 
            Our tallest tower was 7 treats high!

2. Painting
             For this, it would be best to make your own paint.  The dogs love to eat anything and everything so it's best to know exactly what they're putting in their mouths.  To mix your own paint combine water, flour, and corn starch until you have a paint-like consistency.  I brought the uncolored "paint" to the party and mixed colors for everyone so I didn't have random colors left over. To add the colors combine food coloring with the mixture.
              For the actual activity, give the owners a large piece of paper or cardstock (we used poster board cut into 11x14 pieces), a bowl of the "paint", and a sponge and let them go to town.  Some dogs created art with paw prints, others pushed it around with their noses, and if they're anything like my dog... they licked the paint off the paper and created a blur of color. 

3. Talent Show
              It's always fun seeing the dogs show off what they can do.  Have them flaunt their best tricks and have different categories to judge the winner.   Our categories were: Most Unique Trick (won by Kiva with "crawl") and Most Consistent (won by Bella who is a senior dog that is partially blind and still follows commands and her best trick was "intense concentration")

4. Dunking for Hot Dogs
              Some dogs are made for this game, some aren't.   Most of the dogs wouldn't even attempt to submerge their noses in the water, others dived head first to get the treats at the bottom.
              Cut up hot dogs into equal sizes and place 10 in a bucket of water.  Have the dogs dunk for the hot dogs and the one that cleans out the treats in the shortest amount of time is the victor!
              Our times:
                  Kiva- 2:45
                  Sabine- 1:22
                  Kaiser- 1:15
                  Rico-    :15  (Yes, you read that correctly, 15 seconds)

5. Musical "Sit"
            Everyone should be familiar with the childhood game of musical chairs.  This is the dog friendly alternative.  There are variations of this game that include hula hoops for the dogs to sit in but this variation prevents you from hunting down unnecessary props.
           The music starts and owner and dog begins to walk within a designated area.  When the music stops, the owner gives the command to sit, and the last dog to sit is out.  The final dog remaining is the winner.
          We actually didn't have time for this game but it definitely would have been a treat to do!

6. Traveling/Hidden Kong
           One toy that no dog can resist is a Kong stuffed with delicious treats.  Hide one before the start of the party and see if any of the dogs can sniff it out.  Of course, after one dog is onto the game, it will become a game of thievery that will last the entire duration of the party.  The dog that has the Kong at the end of the party is the winner and gets to keep the toy.

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