Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mandi's Birthday PAW-ty

Today is Mandi's Birthday!  My baby girl is 3 years old and I cannot believe it.  To celebrate, we held a birthday PAW-ty last Friday with all her closest friends.

The party was a HUGE hit and everyone had a great time, especially the pups.  If you have ever considered throwing a party for your pooch, here are some tips that I learned first hand.

1.  Have a "doggie doo" station.  Having bags readily available makes owners completely responsible for picking up after their pet.  I made a sign that read, "Please keep our lawn looking PAW-fect!" accompanied with a large trash can and a roll or two of doggie bags.  It did the trick, no extra messes to pick up after the party.

2.  Make sure the humans have food too.  Don't forget the owners as you plan the party.  They'll be hungry and thirsty just like their fur babies.  At least provide snacks and drinks in a cooler to suffice them during the party.

3.  Have plenty of water available for the dogs.  The pooches are going to be working hard and playing hard for an extended period of time.  Ensure that they have plenty of water to keep them from getting dehydrated.

4.  If hosting during the summer time, have a kiddie pool for the dogs to cool off in.  This goes along the lines of the water issue; if you were running around in a jacket and pants in hot weather, wouldn't you want to be able to cool off?  Provide a water play area for those that don't mind getting wet.

5.  Offer cans of pumpkin to those that have sensitive stomachs.  Pumpkin is great for dog's digestive systems and vets often recommend it when your fur baby gets diarrhea or is having problems with their stool.  Eating a lot of treats in one day can cause stomach upset so have cans available for people to take home if there is a foreseeable problem.

6.  Have lots of games.  Of course the party can be just a giant play date, but what fun is that?  Get everyone involved and really make it a fun day. 

7.  Make it safe.  If the area that you're holding the party in isn't completely inclosed be 100% certain that none of your doggie guests are runners.  If you aren't 100% certain, leave them on a leash.

8.  Have plenty of space.  Be sure there is enough room to roam.  You don't want any of the dogs feeling cramped or confined.  Hold the party in an area where you'll be certain there is enough room to accommodate everyone.
9.  Learn your guest dog's tendencies and quirks.  Make sure you know who is possessive and who has food aggressions in order to anticipate any problems.  Additionally, if you are making treats for the party make sure you know of any allergies in the group.

10. Make some special treats for the pooches but also include foods that are more substantial.  We included shredded chicken and carrots for those that didn't want to risk an upset tummy with "sweets".

11.  Have fun!  Planning any party can be stressful but dog parties can be a ton of fun!  Relax and enjoy the party!

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