Friday, May 11, 2012

My Plea to Teachers

It's Friday, which means I'm finishing up the school week.  This week I had the opportunity to work all week, minus Wednesday (Mandi had a dr appt).  Most weeks I work on average 2, maybe 3, days out of the week so being offered a full week is really a blessing.  Now I love to accept days and come to work because I enjoy what I do, most of the time, and who doesn't enjoy a large paycheck?  So this is not a rant about having to work a lot.  Rather, this is a rant about the lesson plans that teachers leave.

I'm a pretty flexible gal that can usually handle anything a teacher throws at me, but the past few days have been... a pain.

Let me explain, this week I was subbing for a health/PE teacher.  The first 3 days of the week were filled with PE courses and Thursday and Friday are comprised of Health materials.  The lesson plans were simple for health, finish watching a movie that we started, have the students finish the handout that is coordinated with the film, read Ch. 10, and discuss/complete the assigned review questions.  Not a problem, a bit of a snore fest, but I figured it would be a breeze.  That is until I read what Ch. 10 entailed...

Chapter 10 is all about diseases and controlling them.  That includes, you guessed it, Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Between trying to contain giggles, fielding questions about herpes and what sexual activity entails, and dealing with the uncontrollable laughter after the students received the answers to their questions, I felt that the week would never end. 

Dealing with anything sex related in a 6th grade classroom, especially one where I'm the only female like my 6th period, is never fun.  Throw in the fact that I'm a sub and these students aren't 100% comfortable with me and there is utter chaos and embarrassment. 

I'm not sure if the teacher knew that the chapter included such a personal topic or if she was just going in succession of what has already been covered. 

My plea to all teachers that are assigning material for subs to cover is to please, PLEASE, hold off on anything sex related until you return.

No one wants to talk sex to kids, expecially to kids that have raging hormones and when you don't even know their names...

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