Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Everything to Come

I just want to post a little update about all the exciting things that have been happening behind closed doors in our home recently. 

The school year is ending this week, which means... Summer Vacation!  One of the things that I LOVE about working at a school is that you get lots of great breaks.  I know that as a full-time teacher there's a lot that they still have to do during the summer time to get ready for the next year, but that's the beauty of not being a full-time teacher!  Anyone have big plans for summer?  I do.

You may not remember, but a very dear friend of mine surprised me for my birthday last year when I was in Georgia by coming to visit.  She spent a week with us and it was such a breath of fresh air to see someone from home.  Well that same amazing friend, Nicole, is coming to visit for an entire month this summer.  She will be here in less that 2 weeks and we will be BUSY when she gets here.

We'll be seeing places like Ireland, Paris (again), Switzerland (if we have time), Munich, and many many places around Germany.  It's going to be exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, and expensive, but overall, it's going to be fun!

Also, within the next few months we'll hopefully be seeing a promotion for the hubby.  He's overdue for one.

My neighbors and friends are still great and I thoroughly enjoy my evenings when I go outside to visit with them.  I've only had problems with one neighbor so far and I hope it stays that way.  We're really looking forward to having a drama and stress free time while we're here!

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