Friday, June 1, 2012

Foto Friday - Berlin

I know everyone is probably getting sick of seeing all the dog stuff from the party so this post will not be about pooches.  The same weekend that we held Mandi's party, my husband and I took a trip to Berlin.  Berlin is a wonderful city and compared to Paris (our last big trip) it was much cleaner and fairly less crowded.  The city is so filled with history and some of the architecture in the older buildings is breathtaking.  That being said... I didn't feel very "inspired" by the city.  I didn't get any really cool shots of small architectural details which makes me sad, but the "generic" shots I got still turned out fairly well.   

Below is a shot I got of the Berlin Church which I think looks beautiful.

I also love the below photo because the memorial statue displayed such a strong and emotional message.

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