Friday, June 1, 2012

It is Love

I just want to say... I LOVE my camera.

If you haven't made the INVESTMENT in a DSLR camera, (especially if you're in Europe), you need to.  I say investment because it will honestly change how you capture your memories.  With the small point and shoot that I previously had, my pictures came out blurry most of the time, had a lot of noise, or were just bad images.  I would take a picture and forget about, hardly ever looking at the pictures again, let alone printing them.  I now find myself looking back in awe over the places we've been as my camera captures images with vivid detail and I also find myself debating over print sizes to hang my images up on the wall.

Even more important than the money portion of the investment, though, is the time investment to really learn how to use your camera.  I have honestly learned so much in the past few months playing with my toy and every time I learn something new that will enhance my photos, I love my camera even more.   Yes, you can purchase one of these cameras and solely use auto mode but not only does that take away from the photographing experience, it's a waste of money (just invest in a good point and shoot), and you will also see a huge improvement in your photos if you learn to use your camera (well) in Manual mode.

So what has got me excited so recently?  Learning to manual focus (well semi-manual).

Today, while out with some friends I was taking some fairly close portrait shots and the camera was not auto focusing on the area that I wanted.  For some reason it kept focusing on the background rather than the foreground or would focus the foreground rather than the background like I wanted.  So what did I do?  I went home, whipped out my camera manual, and learned how to fix it.

An example from today.  Looking at the image, to the human eye, it's clear that the baby is supposed to be in view, but the camera assumes that since the baby carrier is closer, I want it to be in focus.
For so long I was afraid of learning because the last time I tried it, I was completely lost.  But while photographing, I would always get frustrated when my camera couldn't read my mind and focus on  just the right point.  It really was easier than I made it out to be.

I am so glad that I keep learning new things about my camera because it just means that I'll keep getting better.

If you value preserving your memories, invest in a good camera and learn how to use it.  You won't be sorry.

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