Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What a Terrible Day

Sometimes good intentions and exciting plans turn into utter stress and chaos.  This was my day:

My best friend Nicole showed up yesterday, yay!

We stayed up pretty late trying to figure out the specifics of the start of our trip to Ireland the next day.  We weren't getting especially far but we had at least the minimum planned.  I called it a night because I would have to get up early the next day to drive the hubby to work so we could use the car in the morning.

Cue the 5:45 am wake up from the husband.

I have a headache and I am exhausted from a lack a sleep and poor sleep when I did fall under the blessing of the sandman.  It's fine, I trudge to the car after barely being able to pull pants on and drive him to work.

After my fill of coffee and a bit of outside time with Mandi upon returning, I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

Since Nicole will be traveling on and off post frequently we decided to get her a visitor's pass so we don't have to sign her in every time. We did the necessary paperwork and took care of errands including shopping for new jeans because I was down to 1 pair that fit me comfortably.  Yay weight gain!

This should give you a clue that I hadn't even packed yet, not even close.

By the time we get done with errands it's time to pick up Matthew for lunch but on the way there, this conversation happens:

Nicole: "Ummm... Do you need to show your ID to get on post?"
Me: "Yeah, of course.  Why?"
Nicole: "haha, oops.  I didn't bring my ID.  I didn't even bring my purse."

I should have told her before we left to grab it but for some reason it didn't occur to me that she wasn't psychic.

We were already sitting at the entrance to the gate and my husband was already released for lunch so it would have taken another good 15-20 minutes to run home and get it and come back.  I couldn't sign her in at the front gate because she didn't have her regular ID/passport with her.  We ended up parking outside the gate and making my husband walk to the car, which made me feel terrible because he has blisters the size of sand dollars on his soles due to a 13k ruck march.

Okay, so we're back home.

I finally decide that it's time to start packing.  I ask Nicole if I should bring my Kindle or if I should just bring one of the library books I have.  She suggests I bring my Kindle.  Okay.  I start looking for it... and looking... and looking... My kindle is lost, gone, missing, no where to be found.  Although I can't place the last time I had it-- because I've been catching up on my hardback books that I have lying around--I'm pretty sure it was when I went to the gym.  I honestly don't remember the exact day that I went to the gym last.  I've been doing a lot of walking and running around the neighborhood rather than going to the gym to run on the treadmill so it hasn't been my regular schedule.  It could have been Monday, or maybe even Saturday or Sunday.  I don't know.  But I bring my Kindle with me because it has my workout plan listed in it and it's easy to check it as I go.  We called the gym but no one turned it in.  We asked around and posted on local facebook pages but no one had seen it.  But why would they?  Who wants to give up a new Kindle that they got for free??  The worst part is it was nearly brand new, only about 1-2 months old.  /sigh...

After a massive temper tantrum I decide to move on with my life and continue packing while thinking to myself that I don't even deserve nice things.

Packing is hard... Especially if you have such a limited amount of space.

I spend a good hour or so trying to get my head around everything I need to shove in this tiny suitcase.  It doesn't fit, take out, reorganize, repeat.  Then I think to myself, I really need to grab my zip up sweater too.  I leave the room and grab it (I swear I grab it) and then continue packing.  Fast forward 20 minutes of being distracted and I'm looking for my sweater that I swear up and down I recently grabbed.  Nicole and I go on a mission to find it and search all over the house.  As I'm unpacking my bag, again, I ask Nicole to check my backpack (which I'm also bringing).  She glances in and says no.  At this point I feel like I'm going crazy and am frantically looking for something that was once on the couch but has now completely disappeared.  Fast forward again, 30 minutes this time.  We've been looking constantly and then I decide to double check the backpack.  What do you know?? It's at the bottom.  Ohhh Nicole... haha

Everything is ready.  Just waiting for the hubby to get off work to drive us.

We leave.  As we're getting our boarding passes ready I see that instead of the pass saying "Boarding Begins at: 1820" (because our flight leaves at 1850), I notice that it says, "Gate Closes at 1820".  So now we have an hour and twenty minutes to get to an airport that is an hour away (in good traffic), go through the Visa/Passport check, check our bags, and get through security.

Traffic.  Oh Lord, why did we not think about 5 o'clock traffic???

Tick tock.

We get off on the wrong ramp and are turned around.  We get back on the autobahn but we've already lost a good 5 minutes trying to figure out where we were going.  This is about the time that I'm thinking a GPS is going to be a future purchase.

I'm honestly racing at every point I get.  One of the beauties of having a Mustang as your mode of transportation is that you can drive 95 mph in it easily.

We get to the airport at 1818.  We could make it through the gate and security if we cut in line.  But then I see the line for the Passport Check and Baggage Check.  The line itself would probably last at least 30 minutes.  After getting sent from one place to another by some confusing guy at the information desk, I jump to the front of the Passport/Baggage Check line and ask the lady if she could possibly do our checks because our flight gate was about to close.  She asks me if I have any checked baggage and of course we do.  With an unforgiving and unfriendly, mind you, face she tells me it is too late to check any baggage for our flight.

Utter disappointment.  All of that for nothing...

And guess who didn't buy flight insurance...

So now it's a new plan.  We're changing things around determined to turn a vacation that had a horrible start into something worthwhile.  We booked new tickets (this time from an airport closer to home) and will be trying again at the end of July, right before Nicole leaves.  It was an expensive mistake to make and I hope it doesn't happen again.  Hell, today in general was expensive, the loss of a Kindle, the purchase of new jeans because of newly acquired thighs, and now the loss of flight tickets.

But, tomorrow is a new day...

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  1. :( i hope things start getting better sounds like a rough day. if you want to borrow my kindle when you leave for your trip next time just let me know im sure i can part with it for a few days. Want us to bbq for you this weekend than?


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