Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Festivities

I was thinking the other day about how ironic it would be to spend 4th of July visiting Britain.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to participate in that irony this year but celebrated nonetheless.

We've been super busy lately doing day trips and seeing the sites.  When we missed our flight to Ireland we ended up switching around essentially everything in "the plan".  So now we have a ton of day trips back to back followed by all our big trips at the end of Nicole's visit.  It's working out well though so I'm not going to complain.  I need to do a post of all the things we've been up to but for now I'll just stick to our 4th of July events.

Since we live on post and in a foreign country to boot, our base decided to throw a lovely event for us.  It included plenty of rides, food, and alcohol and it was so much fun that it reminded me of the fairs back home.

Bumper Cars


Bull Riding!

There was also a fireworks display at night but between getting stuck with a bad spot, right behind a tree and having to spend the whole time consoling Mandi who was freaking out, I didn't get a single good picture...

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