Sunday, July 29, 2012

Military Monday - Germany Tip #84

The truth about 110 versus 220 volt outlet adapters.

Most on-post housing includes both sets of outlets (110v and 220v).  Even if only the European plugs are available, adapters can be purchased, BUT it does not change the fact that it is a 220v outlet!

Even though with the adapter the plug resembles a 110 v or American plug, it is still going to have 220 voltage.  This means that when you plug in your blow dryer it is going to be overpowered.  While we were in the hotel and I used the adapters I could not put my blow dryer on high because of the fear of it melting or catching fire.  If I did use it on high it would smell as if something were burning.  This is true for anything electronic.  Even if you plug a lamp into it, the bulb probably wont be able to handle the voltage and will therefore burn out almost immediately.

If you decide to use adapters, make sure it is a temporary solution rather than a permanent one or else you might find yourself replacing electronics frequently.


  1. So would you recommend buying the 110v to 220v adapters to start with, then getting the converters later on? Or bringing just the adapters? Also, there's some really good adapter/converter options on Amazon.

    1. It depends if you are planning on living off post or on post. If you are living on post you will not need adapters or converters because the housing is wired for both 220 and 110v. If you are planning to live off post then you will either need to stock up on the converters or repurchase your electronics and appliances for 220v. Either way though, I would recommend that you buy one or two adapters as a TEMPORARY solution for when you first arrive and are living in a hotel.


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