Thursday, August 2, 2012

Foto Friday- Handsome Baby

I was so excited to post pictures from all my traveling for Foto Friday but something happened that made me interrupt my own thoughts and change my mind.  I had a mini-photoshoot with my dear friend's son, Liam.  I'm sure you'll recognize him when you see the picture because he pops up on here fairly often. 

This dear boy is so adorable I just want to snuggle with him and never let him grow up.  He has a smile that could kill and some amazingly intense brown-green/nearly hazel eyes.  He is so much fun to play and take pictures of and now it's even a challenge as Liam has discovered how to crawl and is a baby on the move!  Anyway, I snapped this picture and when it came to the editing portion it was the one picture that blew my socks off.

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