Monday, August 6, 2012

Military Monday- Mind Your P's and Q's

Just the other day there was an incident that involved a military spouse starting drama that had all the other wives chattering.  As I sat and talked over the incident with friends a couple of very good points came up.

Small communities - Especially while living overseas, the military community is miniscule.  There isn't a single time that I leave my house and DON'T run into someone I know.  There are eyes and ears all over the place and some of those eyes and ears have influence in your community.

Your husband's career - Some spouses are oblivious of how their actions can influence their husband's job.  Be mindful of how your actions reflect on your husband to deter any possible backlash at his work.

Becoming ostracized - Starting so much drama can lead to unpleasant side effects including getting a reputation for being a problem maker.  No one wants to associate with someone that is going to make their life harder.  The more negative your reputation is, the more you will be avoided by those around you.

If a problem is on the rise, be the bigger person and walk away.  It isn't worth it to become part of the problem.  If anything, be part of the solution and act like an adult.  If you are having problems with a fellow spouse be civilized and have a conversation and settle your differences rather than spreading rumors or kicking up dust.


  1. Hmmm....I want to know what this is about!

  2. I see this a lot. Even though I'm currently on a bigger base and really have no social standing, I still hear all the horror stories. I don't involve myself ever, but I still hear it. It's just a shame that MOST of the wives that are the 'problem makers' don't realize how badly they hurt their husbands in the process. Honestly, if you're going to cause problems, your best bet is to go home (to your hometown) and make them. Don't do it on the base.

  3. LOL Danielle Im sure if you think hard enough you can figure it out!!


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