Thursday, September 27, 2012

Foto Friday - A Yawn for all Yawns

Today I was planning on posting pictures from my first newborn session.  Unfortunately though, I'm not entirely pleased with how all the pictures came out.  Since it was my first session though, I'll see it as it was... a learning experience.  There were several things that went wrong and very little that went right.  But now is not the time to dwell over unpleasant experiences. 

Now is the time to awe in admiration over how cute my pets are!  I post this photo yesterday on Facebook and it was quite a hit.  The caption read, "Yawwwwwnnn, is it Friday yet?"  And I'm not going to lie, every time I see the pictures I have to stifle a yawn myself.

And here are few more that I took right around the same time as the sequence above and you even get a glimpse at our lovely kitty, Sabrina.  The real reason for me whipping out my camera yesterday was to practice honing in on the eyes of my subject.  I've noticed repetitively that the eyes in my photos can be a little lackluster and with it being the MOST important part I decided a little practice was in order.  Next step, practice on a human!

She was rolling around in catnip, I promise my floors aren't actually that dirty.

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