Monday, December 3, 2012

New Orders

We've been located in Germany for just over a year now and guess what... we just received a new set of orders!  It's been such a back and forth game with where we would go next that we were almost blindsided by the outcome.
When we first arrived in Germany, my husbands original date of return to the States was November of 2014.  Shortly after arrival, we received word that his unit that he was assigned to was going to be disbanded in June of 2013 and families would be immediately relocated.  There was a lot of talk between being sent back to the states or staying here, but of course it was all gossip.  Matthew became involved with another unit and was working with them on keeping us here for the duration of our tour.  What they failed to mention was that he was going to miss a critical training session when we went on leave to visit family and it would essentially obliterate our chances of being moved permanently to their unit.

Anyway, I digress, Matthew received orders.  Our new orders say that we will be reporting to Washington in December of 2013.  Which means I'll have a whole year to make it through my PCS checklist rather than the four months I had to prepare on the way here.  I'm excited, but at the same time, I can't help but feel a little sad inside.

We have talked many times before and decided together that Washington is one of the top places we would want to be sent when going to the States (besides the obvious places like Colorado and Hawaii).  It's a whole heck of a lot closer to home than the East Coast locations, Matthew has a lot of family that live literally minutes from the base, it's where we are contemplating settling in the long run so it'll be nice to give the state a test run, it's a super active and fit community, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I've been in that area once before (visiting Matthew's family) and it was incredibly gorgeous.  It actually reminds me a lot of Germany except about triple the amount of trees and about double the snow. 

With all these amazing things, it makes me sad to say goodbye to the family that I have made here in Germany.  The people I have met here are amazing and have become such a great support group.  If I were to go through a deployment, these are the people that I want by my side cheering me on.  Alas, it was going to happen eventually and we DO still have a year but I know how fast that year is going to fly by.  We're going to make the most out of it, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about leaving my friends!  :-/

And just to prove how awesome my friends are... Here is a picture of (most) of us at a Halloween party!

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  1. Oh Ashley we are gonna miss you like crazy but just remember your only leaving like a year before us, and than we will all be headed back to the states with you!!! Who knows we may end up in the same places too. Seeing your list of places to go I think it may be possible since those are our top 3 also!!! So eventually we'll meet up again. And until than we have A LOT of memories to make!!!


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