Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bathroom Subway Art

So our bathroom is miserably plain.  One day I got sick of staring at just a shower liner and a towel that served as a bath mat and purchased simple tan mats and a colorful shower curtain to add life to our bleak restroom.  Yet we still don't have any artwork on the walls (as with most of our house) and I've been looking with no avail online and in some stores.  The difficulty is pairing artwork with a geometric, colorful, shower curtain.  Well last night I went to a friend's house and noticed a simple subway art that was framed and put on the counter.

It inspired me, but yet no bathroom subway art that is readily available comes in the colors that I desire. So me being the crafty person that I am, decided to make my own.  Now, I just made this today so I'm not sure if I'll be changing anything later on but this is the current edition.  As soon as I get the final version done I will be printing through and framing my "art piece".

You can download your own version as well and I will attach a link ASAP.

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